July 10, 2013

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The 1000 Page Appeal Letter:  Covering the Clinical Basis in Experimental/Investigational Appeals

When Attorney Jennifer Jaff appeals denied insurance claims, she uses boxes, not envelopes, for her appeals.

Her average appeal often consumes more than 50 record-gathering, research and development hours.  When ready for the box, some appeals can cover more than 1,000 pages.

"If I send in a 1,000 page appeal and I get a denial within ten days, I know they didnít read it. That can be very frustrating. What you need to do then is file the second level of appeal and then, if you have whatís called an external appeal opportunity, thatís where youíre really going to get your best chance of winning." Jaff said.

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Be sure and review the following new letters under the Specialty Care Topic so that you can appeal denials by demanding review by a highly qualified reviewer using specialty-specific clinical guidelines.

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