May 10, 2011

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Insurers Say Sub-Specialty Peer Reviewers Are In Short Supply

Access to sub-specialty peer reviewers is one of the most important protections related to quality appeal decisions. Yet recent insurance industry comments related to healthcare reform indicate that sub-specialty peer reviewers can be difficult to arrange within the appeal review time constraints and may result in review by a poorly qualified reviewer. . . .

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Appeal Solutions has a number of appeal letters which can be easily customized for specialty and sub-specialty appeals.  Please see the Topic: Specialty Care Appeal Review.  The following letters are specific to peer review requests:

Request for Retroactive Precert/Authorization
Request for Anesthesiology Peer Review
Request for Cardiology Peer Review
Request for Gastroenterology Peer Review
Request for Neurology Peer Review
Request for Ob-Gyn Peer Review
Request for Oncology Peer Review
Request for Orthopedic Peer Review
Request for Pediatric Peer Review

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