March 9, 2011

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Appeal Access: Very, Very Easy at AppealLettersOnline.com

Appeal letters are now easier to find and use.

Most appeal letters require a very customized appeal. That is why AppealLettersOnline.com has more than 1600 letter options. However, frequent situations require medical billing professionals to appeal quickly with minimal denial detail.

AppealLettersOnline.com introduces our Level I - Level II Basic Appeal Letters to address the practical challenges of day-to-day appeals. Basic appeal letters work well for situations where an appeal deadline is looming but the denial simply failed to provide sufficient information for a customized, time-consuming appeal. . . .

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AppealLettersOnline Featured Letters

AppealLettersOnline.com now features Level I and Level II Appeal Letters for the following categories:

  • Provider Type
  • Preexisting Condition
  • Claim Resubmission
  • Duplicate
  • Experimental/Investigational
  • Maximum Benefits
  • Incorrect Verification
  • Eligibility
  • Coding
  • Timely Filing
  • Refund/Recoupment
  • Other Exclusions/Limitations

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We mentioned we would be adding Medicaid Appeal Letters to the database in March.  Make that April.  If you are seriously needing them now, email Tammy Tipton at t.tipton@appealsolutions.com.  She will email them to you upon request.


Power of Appeals Denial Management Software

You love our appeal letters, right?  But there needs to be an easier way to download, store, and use them with your patient account information.

And there IS!

Power of Appeals Denial Management Software is not another expensive, training required, rethink-how-we-work denial management product.  It is simply all of our letters packaged together with an interface that allows you to easily import patient account data and perform efficient letter generation, track account disposition and do some insightful reporting along the way.

It is only $50 additional/month compared to letter access alone.  We hope you're thinking, "Wish I could try it for three months first."  In fact, the minimum membership is only three months.

Our latest version is set for release on April 1.  Watch the product release countdown at www.powerofappeals.com where, each week, we will unveil a sneak preview of Denial Decision Reports, a four-part series on using the Power of Appeals Denial Management Reporting Features to improve collections, address deficiencies and negotiate with payers.

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