Sept 15, 2015

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ICD-10 & Cash Flow: What Denials Are Ahead?

ICD-10 promises to be one of the biggest medical coding updates in memory.  Industry forecasters promise clinical documentation shortfalls, staff productivity losses, spotty vendor readiness, claim payment sluggishness and, at the end of this long line of performance pitfalls, we have been advised to expect double-to-triple increases in claim denials.

Of course, preparations have been extensive. However, many medical financial officers are now saying the "unknowns" are among their last minute concerns and one of those big unknowns is what our denial rates will look like and how can they be resolved . . . .

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The AppealLettersOnline.com Download Library provides detailed guidance on the following ICD-10 denial avoidance and appeal topics.  Be sure to download and distribute this information to your impacted staff so it can be incorporated into your daily processes:

  • ICD-10 Duplicate Guidance and Appeal Letter (New!)

  • ICD-10 Timely Filing and Appeal Letter (New!)

  • ICD-10 Coding Appeals Guidance and Appeal Letters

  • ICD-10 Corrected Claims Guidance and Appeal Letters

  • ICD-10 Benefit Variance Guidance and Appeal Letters

  • ICD-10 Medical Necessity Guidance and Appeal Letters

  • ICD-10 Precertification Guidance and Appeal Letters

  • ICD-10 Prompt Payment Guidance and Appeal Letters

Contact Tammy Tipton at t.tipton@appealsolutions.com to schedule a customized ICD-10 denial management webinar for your staff covering denial avoidance and effective appeals.

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Customized ICD-10 Denial Management: Looking For A Little Help With ICD-10 Denial Management?

Industry expert Tammy Tipton, president of Appeal Solutions, a leading denial management training and resources company, will be providing onsite training workshops throughout the ICD-10 implementation period.

The three-hour workshop covers both denial avoidance and appeals.  Further, specific denials and payer issues can be submitted prior to the training session so that real live organizational challenges can be addressed.

Most importantly, Tipton covers best practices for writing appeal letters, including how to demand disclosure of ICD-10 claim decisions, what to do about uncooperative payers and what regulatory protections apply to ICD-10 claim processing.

Donít let ICD-10 denials become a revenue drain on your organization.  Know what steps to take to ensure you maximize your reimbursement.  Contact Tipton at t.tipton@appealsolutions.com for pricing and available dates.

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